True or False: Organically Growing Your Audience with No Budget

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Is this a viable solution or major clickbait? In this blog I describe in detail my thoughts on the subject, and what kind of marketing tactics you CAN apply with no budget. I get asked this a lot by solopreneurs & startups that have little to no budget and want to do everything they absolutely can before finding investors, investing their own percentage of funds; you get the point.

So, what’s my opinion on organic growth with no budget?

It depends on a number of factors such as: your end goal, where you’re at currently (analytically speaking) & of course how willing you are to invest your time and effort.

I would say if you’re absolutely not willing to invest time and effort into research, distribution, & creation of content – then NO. You’re better off either hiring someone else to do these tasks or straight up blow money on paid ads right away. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, don’t play in the mud.

However, going the route of “DIY Organic Growth” can be beyond daunting and you have to be willing to immerse yourself in the process and most importantly, taking time to experiment. How can you know what’s working and what’s not without experimentation? Okay, I’m starting to get off on a tangent here – but my point is that willingness is a major factor on whether or not organic growth is achievable. It’s hard, takes a lot of effort in just research alone, and requires crazy amounts of creativity. So, if you’re ready and willing – see my suggestions below.

So, what marketing tactics can work on no budget?

Social Media – Newsflash, even though you have millions of competitors, creating social media & getting your content out there is still free. Of course the system is rigged and to even reach your own audience on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. you’ll need some money for advertisements & boosting your posts. Obviously, if this discouraged everyone then no one would even be posting. If you’re an IG user, start using the #Follow4Follow tag for quick follows. If you’re a LinkedIn user, start building your connections by sending out tons of requests every day! Getting your face out there a million times over is priceless.

Blogging – Getting your opinion out in long-form writing now seems like an ancient technology as everyone and their mom is moving towards video content, however it is always a good thing for organic SEO and getting viewed as a subject matter expert in your field. Plus, guess what? You can use these blogs as fuel for social media posts!

Lead Capture – So, say for instance you have a pretty decent following on social media, your blogs are getting read, etc. This is a perfect chance to either provide a small something for free (eBook, product sample, etc.) or a simple newsletter (frequency is up to you, the most common is a monthly newsletter). This will enable you to start collecting information on who’s interested in your stuff! In order to do this, you’ll need an email service. Now, Mailchimp provides a free account for 5,000 contacts and under. That definitely gives you some wiggle room to start building a personalized email list to start communicating with your audience regularly.

In-Person Tactics – Design something cool, print out a bunch of copies, and hand them out to everyone you know! Go to meetups. Find in-person groups to share your ideas and expertise with. There’s nothing like face-to-face marketing. Building trust is 10x easier, you get experience telling your elevator pitch; you really can’t screw it up!

These are my tips for organically growing your audience on no budget. If you’re THAT person who’s extremely motivated, you’ll learn over time & really start to hone your craft; and maybe even start teaching others how you did it! After all, success stories make the best content! Ciao xx


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