“Introducing Industry Disrupting Transparent Pricing with Agency Defying Month-To-Month Contracts.“

Cherry Pricing

Are We Crazy To List Standard Prices On Our Website?

Yes we are. Do you know why you can't ever find pricing on agency's website? It's mainly because they want to gauge who you are first so they can propose the highest price they think you would pay. Seems like we hear almost every week from another organization that spent 25k-50k-75k on a project and only got a canned strategy, new logo and mediocre website to show for it; Despite the huge ROI promises they were peddled. They would have attracted more customers by lighting the same money on fire in the middle of the street!
Well… we got sick of hearing about it and so this is us doing something about it.

You Should Consider Hiring Us To Manage Your Marketing If...

Your sales are stagnant
Your marketing just isn't getting done
You don’t enjoy marketing
You’ve realized you don’t have the skills
You don’t have good, qualified leads
Your marketing results are a hit or miss
You wonder what is working, and what isn’t
You don’t have the budget to hire the marketing team you really need

Luke J. Bodley, Founder & CEO

Elizabeth Baglia, Co-Owner & COO

We Want To Manage Some or All of Your Marketing Department

We are a full-service marketing, event and creative agency. This basically means that we are the jack AND master of all marketing trades. We can fill the roles of an entire marketing & communications department.
The services section shows our capabilities in full detail and you get access to ALL of them!

The Benefits of Hiring It's The Cherry

You are going to get more than just professional marketing expertise

What if you could have predictable, effective marketing systems that generated and nurtured sales leads? By outsourcing some or all of your marketing to us, you get marketing talent, cutting-edge strategies, shared experiences, and access to advanced marketing technology. You can seamlessly synchronize the end-to-end customer experience, and touch each stage of the buying cycle with agile, timely, and relevant marketing campaigns.

And, one marketing person can’t do it all. (Nor should they.) And if they do, can you afford them? With our agency, you get access to versatile professionals with proven backgrounds in business strategy, marketing, content marketing, communications, business strategy, graphic design, web design, internet marketing, and SEO. Because of these vast skill sets, they add great value when they contribute where needed.

You want to be nimble and manage costs

Fixed cost are huge. People, systems, and facilities account for the largest part of the internal marketing budget. And the cost of a bad hire can easily cost a company over $200,000.

By comparison, our marketing agency resources don’t need a full-time salary, benefits, and other overhead. When you hire us, our team will provide a wide-range of strategic, tactical, and technology skills.

By outsourcing some or all of your marketing activities, you will not only save your money in salaries and overhead, but you will also save money in direct purchases on marketing programs (e.g., printing, media buys, advertising, marketing technologies, etc.). By leveraging our suppliers, we will save you 10 – 30% in your overall marketing spending. For example, Just one direct hire can cost about $90,000 (salary and overhead). We typically cost less than that and on top of that you gain access to our full cross-functional team.

You get access to the latest marketing technologies

Marketing departments are often technology-deprived, or they have a mixed assortment of incompatible marketing technologies. While companies have access to over 4,000 marketing technologies available to them, how do they know which ones to pick? And it’s often the case that marketing organizations are at the bottom of the IT department’s priority list, so there might be a lack of support and guidance. Our performance-based marketing agency will provide you guidance as well as implementation service and support, which is extremely valuable.

Marketing tools increase efficiency, productivity, and performance. There are tools you can find for free or of little cost, but often they are limited on producing results. But our performance-driven agency will give you access to premium-level services, software, and analytical data reports.

Also, consider that advanced marketing automation tools do not provide marketing services. They require a professional who can interpret marketing data and make smart decisions in order to achieve results.

Your existing staff becomes more efficient AND effective

Some companies try to get around hiring in-house marketers, social media personnel, content writers, and SEO experts by just having existing employees pick up the slack. Dumping the marketing burden onto existing employees (who may or may not be skilled in the area) increases the likelihood of burnout and reduces productivity in the long run.

As well as, your marketing efforts will lack consistency and effectiveness even if they have all the necessary training.

If you outsource some or all of your marketing needs, you maintain momentum with critical projects – they’ll never fall to the wayside, drop down the priority list, or become forgotten. And when employees leave the company, they will most likely take the project assets with them (in the form of tribal knowledge). When you outsource your marketing activities to us, you have one centralized team as your partner.

You don’t need to train us

It’s the marketing leader’s job to produce results, including drive quality sales leads, increase website traffic, build followers and subscribers, yet they often lack the skills, technologies, and strategies to pull it off.

Forrester Research stated in its report, “B2B CMOs Must Evolve or Move On,” that 96% of marketing leaders believe the breadth of skills required to succeed in marketing has increased, and 44% say they can’t find the right combination of people and skills in the job market.

Performance-driven agencies, like It's The Cherry, provide a unique, 360-degree approach that allows clients to launch multidisciplinary campaigns with one “highly qualified contact.” Your dedicated resource is accountable for strategy through deployment. You don’t have to train your existing staff members because we have the depth and breadth of skills needed.

You can easily scale your marketing efforts

When the economy tightens, companies tend to cut costs. Marketing is often the first to go because they are seen as a “discretionary” expense. And when times are good, marketing often gets more funding.

But reducing and expanding the marketing budget is expensive. In the short-term, reducing or canceling marketing activities incurs cost. In the long-term, costs associated with attrition, staffing and erosion of knowledge base are more expensive.

Under a traditional in-house operation, the only way you can increase the output of your marketing team is to hire more employees. We already have cross-functional professionals on our team that have the professional skills your organization needs.

Stay current on the latest marketing trends

Digital marketing agencies must constantly be up to speed and follow the latest developments across digital marketing trends on a regular basis. It is part of our job descriptions.

What in-house marketer has time to read up on all the latest social media, SEO, technology, content marketing, and branding news? Usually, they are so buried in day-to-day tasks, there is no room to continuously grow, change, and evolve. We take education very seriously. We invest time to stay abreast of the latest trends, tools, technologies, and strategies to serve you better. According to the report above from Capgemini, only 4% of companies align their training efforts with their digital strategy.

You benefit from an outside perspective

It’s easy for in-house Marketers to lose sight of the big picture. They tend to be immersed in the day-to-day activity and wearing many hats. They can’t see the forest for the trees. Employees may find it hard to express new ideas or bring up concerns, for fear of losing their jobs.

Sometimes you can get too close to your business and not see your marketing strategies, programs, or materials from your audience’s perspective. Even though you may know your business inside and out by living and breathing it each day, your perspective is still one-sided. To market successfully to your current audience – and capture new markets – you need to step out of your shoes and into your target markets’. Having a group like us on the “outside” supporting your needs helps to give you the customer’s perspective, not just your company’s.

Whether it’s planning, copywriting or designing, we have experience with a variety of different marketing and communication strategies, techniques, and tools. You can rely on our lessons over the years to find the correct solution for your business challenge.

The Bottom Line For You

Companies of all sizes use outsourcing to help build their business and stay nimble. By outsourcing some or all of your marketing, you have flexibility and access to trained professionals and advanced marketing technology.

Here’s an example of an outsourced marketing campaign. The first month of the campaign, we may only do one blog post that attracts 23 new followers on social media, and generates 6 leads. The second month, we may publish two more blog posts, add two content offers, attract 51 new followers, increase our search engine ranking for five keywords, which generates 11 leads. By the sixth month, we may have published a total of 30 blog posts, created 10 content offers, have a total of 326 followers, and are showing up on page one of Google for a couple keywords, and generate over 68 leads. The compound effect from creating those assets over time didn’t just double the leads in the second month, they generated 10x the results in only a few short months. So you can see the value–right?

When you are thinking about hiring us, you should assume that you are getting senior-level marketing professionals with a wide-range of skill sets. You may be worrying about product knowledge and are trying to find vertical industry firms. Your employees should have product/service knowledge to provide guidance and edit for content. We will provide you with an outside viewpoint on where to find your market and how to talk to it.

The ideal situation is to have at least one point person working internally who can collaborate with us to help them understand your brand voice, key messages, content, and demographics. Our performance-based agency will have lots of ideas to contribute based on trends, statistical data, and competitive analysis, but we find the best results come from working with a dedicated staff within your company.

Our Approach To Marketing Your Organization

Anyone who owns or manages a business knows that you learn how to grow your company AS you grow your company! The process is never linear and it always seems to be 2 steps forward and one-step back. The process is iterative; Plan, Execute, Measure, and Repeat just like your shampoo. Business happens and you take it as it comes. It can be messy and the way forward a little foggy. We're here to cut through that haze alongside you.
Consider us your outsourced “Lewis and Clark Explorers" and our mission is your organization's success.

The Following Features Come Standard With Every Pricing Plan:

FREE Initial Consultation
This introductory consultation before contract signing is meant to hear your needs, see if there is a "culture fit" and determine which pricing plan is best for you. When we say "culture fit" we just want to find out if we "vibe" together, that's all.
Scope Development On A Month-By-Month Basis
As mentioned already, this is a constantly repeating cycle of marketing disciplines. Each month we will re-huddle, look at the past month's results and then create an updated plan for the next month.
CEO Strategic Consultation Summaries and Meeting Recap Documents
Every pricing level includes "1on1" strategic marketing consulting sessions as well as meetings thrown in here and there. Death by meeting is real and so we try to be purposeful and productive when we all come together. We make sure there is a written record of our discussions that include next steps and action items for each party that attends.
Client On-Boarding Process
We want to get you up and going! We'll need need to gather various assets from you like mailing lists, logos, website access, etc. Don't worry a second about this, we have a standard checklist and we'll walk you through everything. Another important step in this process will be establishing a baseline of key performance indicators so we can track our results throughout the life of the project.
Organically Developed Strategic Marketing Plan and SOP Best Practices Document
The journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step. As we go along, we will be compiling everything valuable that is said, written and created. This will go into a master strategy and best practices document that will grow month after month and become extremely useful to your organization.
Monthly Metrics and Performance Analyzation Report
If we don't have a scoreboard then how will we know if we are winning or not? Every month you will receive a document showing the results so far. These will be compared to the key performance indicators that are established in the on-boarding process.
High-End Professional Software Tools Complementing Each Pricing Level
We utilize a lot of professional hardware, software and SAAS tools to manage all of our work. Each pricing level utilizes the most appropriate assets to get the job done. We also utilize a lot of HAAS as well (humans as a service).
Graphic Design and Web Development Asset Libraries
We have been at this for a while and so we have a collection of assets that has taken years to compile. For example, we have over 30,000 stock photos, Photoshop tool-kits, coding samples and oodles of other various libraries. Mi casa es su casa; Our home is your home.

Industry Disrupting Transparent Pricing Tastes Yummy!

This is in our best interest because we want your repeat business month-after-month, year-after-year. With our month-to-month contracts, you can pause your services at any time or give us the old heave-ho. This threat of literal firing puts a figurative fire under our butts and guarantees you that we are earning your business.
We'll always have an answer for you when you ask “What have you done for me lately?"

Pick Your Favorite Flavor!

Pick me! Pick me!
  • 1 Hr: Strategic 1on1 Consulting w/ CEO
  • 2 Hrs: Monthly Scope Development
  • 2 Hrs: Market Research & Analysis
  • 8 Hrs: Project Execution of Scope
  • 1 Hr: Analysis of Project Performance
  • 14 Hours Minimum!
  • Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign and Audition)
  • Email Service Provider
  • Project Management
  • Social Media Scheduler
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Office Suite
No, pick me instead!
  • 3 Hrs: Strategic 1on1 Consulting w/ CEO
  • 4 Hrs: Monthly Scope Development
  • 6 Hrs: Market Research & Analysis
  • 26 Hrs: Project Execution of Scope
  • 3 Hrs: Analysis of Project Performance
  • 42 Hours Minimum!
  • Email Nurturing Platform
  • Real-Time Metrics Dashboard
  • Google Search Console
  • Video Content Creator with 30,000+ 1080p HD Stock Videos
I'm the best, pick me!
  • 5 Hrs: Strategic 1on1 Consulting w/ CEO
  • 5 Hrs: Monthly Scope Development
  • 8 Hrs: Market Research & Analysis
  • 52 Hrs: Project Execution of Scope
  • 5 Hrs: Analysis of Project Performance
  • 75 Hours Minimum!
  • Email Automation Platform Utilizing Conditional Logic
  • Enterprise Research & Analysis Platform
Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom!
Cookies & Crème
  • We can custom design a pricing package that fits your exact needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.
  • (303)222-9671
  • [email protected]

Month-to-Month and Up To A Year Contract Commitments Are Available

We are a small but steadily growing organization. Therefore we can't guarantee the pricing or our availability will always be the same. Coming on-board in an elongated fashion locks in both the price and our availability with priority contract renewal options. We make it no secret that we want long-term clients that we can help grow as we grow ourselves. We love partnership and collaboration and the longer you are our client, the more synergistic opportunities will present itself. As we get to know your organization more and more, an exponential curve effect will start to happen in the campaign results. If you want to just test us out at first with a month-to-month contract then great!
We relish the opportunity to earn your repeated business and make you a long-term client.

What Kind of Return On Investment Should I Expect?

The return on investment range you should expect from our services varies across industries and is dependent on several major factors, both internal and external. Because of this, we won't list what you should expect here. However, during your free consultation meeting we'll be able to zero in on a solid range you can quote us on.
If we don't think we can get you a good ROI, we won't take the project on. Period.

P.S. Here's One Final Piece Of Info We Think You'd Appreciate

Summary Of Our Marketing Campaign Disciplines That Will Be At Your Disposal

SEO Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Brand Awareness Marketing
Email Marketing

Digital Marketing
Website Marketing
Digital Ad Buys
Guerrilla Marketing
Strategic Partners Marketing

Event Marketing
Print & Direct Mail Marketing
Referral Marketing
New Product Development
New Market Development

Brand Evangelist Marketing
Credibility Outreach Marketing
Traditional Marketing
Public Relations
Affiliate Marketing