How to Heal from a Burn Out

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More often than not, I see content on the web that is all about avoiding burning out. But what about when you’ve already crashed and burned? This blog is all about tips & techniques to heal from being burnt.

The definition of being burnt out in a person is “A state of physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.” It’s way more dangerous than you might think, considering that it can lead to depression, trying to cope and ending up getting into substance abuse, etc. If you’ve ever hit bottom like this, it can feel like you’ve sunk to the bottom of the ocean with 2-ton anchor chained to your ankle.

What they don’t tell you about burning out is that even if it’s happened to you, and you can pick yourself back up, you are now stronger and more resilient than before. I know this sounds insane, but my logic is that if you flip your perception on how you view the matter – you can now harness this super power that will brace you for even harsher stresses that may come in your future. Whether you like it or not, your mind & body build a tolerance to stress over time.

I can almost bet that Elon Musk, after his huge scare with Tesla – sleeping in the factory when he could, working 22 hour days, and probably at the peak of burn out, can tell you that even though it was the most horrible experience of his life, that all the other things that have happened after the fact don’t nearly bother him as much. He’s on a mission regardless of what gets thrown at him. I could be wrong, but increasing your stress threshold is all a part of entrepreneurialism – and that’s the truth.

After having experienced burn out multiple times, here are some things that I’ve used to pick myself back up and start the road to recovery:


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a something I use every single day. If you don’t know what it is, this technique is about physically tapping statements and affirmations into your meridian points, starting out with the negative feelings like what’s bothering you, and ending with positive feelings that shift your perception in this situation. There are TONS of EFT YouTube videos that you can tap along with as well as The Tapping Solution app that you can do on your phone.


I know this is a very simple tip, but it does help to get your problems out on paper, how you’re feeling about all of it, and if anything is improving or making it feel worse. Light some candles, put on some meditation music, really get into it. I would even encourage to buy yourself some nice pens & an expensive notebook. The more ritualistic this becomes, the less attention you’re giving to your stress, and the more attention you’re giving to your healing process.


EMDR is another therapy technique, it stands for Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing. Basically, it uses the Rapid Eye Movement that you experience during sleep to reprogram how you would think about your trauma. Basically, you follow a light back and forth like a pendulum. There are also a lot of these resources on YouTube that you can try out and experiment.

Change of Diet

Sometimes you need to reboot your entire system when you’re in a rut. I’m not saying going on a 21 day fast is going to alleviate all of your problems, but if you’re eating nothing but junk food, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, etc. then it may be time to re-think what you’re consuming. Eating and doing bad things are only going to make you feel worse and prolong your healing.

Consider eating tons of fruit and veggies, cut out all junk food, coffee and energy drinks, and drink nothing but water and green tea. You may also want to look up dopamine increasing foods & supplements that you can pick and choose from. A few to list off are green tea, turmeric, and blueberries. I literally cannot stress the turmeric enough, I take 2 capsules of it a day plus tons of it in my food. I literally feel sluggish and depressed if I don’t have it.


I have to stress this last one more than anything. If you are not getting enough rest, you will be guaranteed to be in a crappy mood, make bad decisions, and have a poor outlook on just about everything. Ultimately, most burnouts come from not getting enough rest. It’s okay to take time off. It’s okay to go to bed early. It’s okay to take naps if you can. I know that in high-stress situations, regardless of your ability to sleep or not, your battery will be constantly drained. Take time to recharge yourself so that you can heal once and for all.

If you are actually having trouble getting rest, drink chamomile tea, take melatonin, get blackout curtains for your bedroom, get a sleep mask for your eyes. Anything to get you really really good sleep.


The path to recovery from traumatic stresses isn’t always easy, sometimes it’s hard to pick yourself back up, but I do hope that you can apply some of these tips and techniques to start healing! Thanks for reading xx.

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