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Our Testimonials

We love our clients! 🍒

We are privileged and lucky to to call some great organizations our past and present clients!


Len R. Hering Sr., RADM, USN(ret)

Executive Director (fmr), Center For Sustainable Energy

“Luke Bodley, CEO of It's The Cherry, was absolutely instrumental at the Center For Sustainable Energy in developing the Corporate Marketing Department’s strategic plan, policies, communications tactics, brand story and much more. For the entire 2 years we worked professionally together, he repeatably delivered exceptional marketing and communications products on time, under budget and high quality. I recommend Luke to any organization that wants to grow and expand their influence.”


Kat Jennings

CEO, TaxConnections.com

“Luke, CEO of It’s The Cherry, was an extraordinary asset during the time he contracted for TaxConnections. He has a great disposition about him which makes him a joy to work with daily; he can be trusted to complete any assignment you give to him; and above all he wants to get the job done right. Luke Bodley was an absolute pleasure to have on our team as he is one of those rare individuals who walks the life journey happy every day. It is rare to find anyone like Luke because he is such a great guy. Having said all this, know my standards are very high!”


Heather Shepard

Director of Marketing and Development(fmr), Center For Sustainable Energy

“Luke Bodley, CEO of It's The Cherry, brings an enormous amount of marketing expertise to any project. He is collaborative, results-oriented partner who is skilled at helping conceptualize and strategize digital and event marketing projects but also able to implement on time and on budget. “


Chrysandra Brunson

Founder & CEO, The Calling

“I can’t say enough good things about Luke Bodley, CEO of It's The Cherry. I’ve considered him a personal mentor of mine for almost 10 years. With great patience, he held our organization’s hand through the branding and communication processes that our non-profit desperately needed.“