Hello! My name is Luke...

I am the CEO of It’s The CHERRY. Thank you for allowing me to tell you a little about myself. For many years I put on one of the largest music & arts festivals in the country. The event took place north of Denver, Colorado and featured hundreds of bands, artists and performers. I founded the festival and was the Executive Director.
That's me at 27 years old when over 33,000 people paid to come to my event. I marketed and grew my event from just an idea to seeing tens and tens of thousands of people enter the gates every year. My dreams came true and I got to see something go from my imagination to reality. Since then I’ve become passionate about helping others realize their dreams. What do you want to accomplish? Can I help?

Let me help you grow your organization and customer base just like I grew my festival.

We specialize in...

We are marketing and advertising experts. We have an arsenal of strategies and tactics to grow your organization as well as the brains to implement them.

We are event authorities. We create amazing experiences through live and digital events. Let’s talk about your vision and brainstorm something truly memorable!

We are innovative artists and brilliant coders on the cutting edge of design and user experience. It’s time to get out of the 2000s. We will make you look great!!

At our very core, we are rational and well-informed strategists. The best marketing, events and creative mean jack squat if they don’t increase your bottom line.