Hello! I'm Elizabeth

I'm Elizabeth Baglia, Chief Operations Officer of It's The Cherry.

I am your go-to-gal for website design, graphic design, social media management, photography, project management, and writing copy. As the COO of It’s The Cherry, it is my responsibility and privilege to ensure that all of our day-to-day operations run smoothly within the company, and that we are on-point 100% of the time.

Prior to my position at It’s The Cherry, I specialized in live event media and video journalism for 5 years in California. Creative Media is my passion, and has been all my life, and getting to create amazing content every day is an awesome perk of being in my position.

I believe that once you’re truly passionate about something, your creative abilities are able to paint the picture for you, before your hands even touch any sort of software. I also believe that with creating content the way that we do, that there needs to be a certain level of balance that can be achieved with good project management and organization. That’s why I’m in charge of the operations necessary to ensure our best performance.

I moved to Colorado in early 2018 to immerse myself in this agency with CEO Luke Bodley, and it’s been an absolute blast! We’ve worked on many projects that have been extremely rewarding to be involved in, and truly appreciate every hour we’ve spent on working on these. Every day I am committed to getting you the best product possible, and of course; put the Cherry On Top!

Let us help you grow your business with tried and true techniques and processes.

We specialize in...

We are marketing and advertising experts. We have an arsenal of strategies and tactics to grow your organization as well as the brains to implement them.

We are event authorities. We create amazing experiences through live and digital events. Let’s talk about your vision and brainstorm something truly memorable!

We are innovative artists and brilliant coders on the cutting edge of design and user experience. It’s time to get out of the 2000s. We will make you look great!!

At our very core, we are rational and well-informed strategists. The best marketing, events and creative mean jack squat if they don’t increase your bottom line.