“The kicker” “coup de grâce” “The pièce de résistance”

Our Story

I was out at the movies a while back...
seeing a new release that everyone had been raving about. I made sure to look it up on Rotten Tomatoes first and sure enough it had a great score. I’m a huge movie guy so I get really excited when a great movie comes out.

A couple of hours into the movie you could tell it was wrapping up and nearing the end. It had been a great flick and I was happy I saw it in the theater, I was very satisfied. It had a great storyline, great effects and good character development. Two thumbs up!

The credits hadn’t rolled yet when I started to collect my things. I felt my pockets for the car keys and made sure I still had my wallet on me. All of a sudden, a last-minute twist came out of nowhere on the screen. It was an extremely emotional one and hit me really hard.

My eyes watered and tears started streaming down my face. I wasn’t expecting that twist! I didn’t even know the movie needed it! I looked to the left and tears were running down my friend’s face too. I looked to the right and this couple on a date were looking teary and baffled. I cranked my neck up to scan the other rows of the theatre and people everywhere were wiping their eyes and looking at each other in disbelief. The entire theatre was a wreck! It was a surreal moment.

As I started to analyze what just happened I pictured a cherry slowly getting put top of a milkshake and thought “wow, that was a really nice cherry.” Then for some reason I started repeating over and over under my breath “It’s The Cherry” and pondering how that applied to business, marketing and communication. It was a deep epiphany to me of a very basic concept we’ve all heard in different ways. “The kicker”, “coup de grâce”, “The pièce de résistance” and so on.

I’ve become obsessed with this idea of the cherry and what the cherry represents to businesses. I’m not talking about going from good to great; I’m talking about going from good to amazing! Being amazing is the only way you’re going to get your company noticed AND remembered in this visually cluttered and noise polluted world we live in.

This is easier said than done. It demands faith, hope and blind confidence that there is a better way to be doing things. It takes a relentless “explorers mentality” to find the cherry, then an arsenal of tools, intelligence and discipline to develop it.

We are experts at growing companies through a variety of time-tested strategies and tactics. We are down-to-earth, highly passionate people with character and integrity. We operate with piercing empathy and a dash of eccentricity.

We hope you’ll give us the chance to figure out what the cherry is for your company. Contact us today for a free consultation.
Luke Bodley
Chief Executive Officer