"Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your method."

Our Approach

Modus Operandi

Modus operandi is a Latin term used to describe an individual or group's habitual way of operating. When we approach any new project, we approach it both artistically and scientifically. The goal is to completely blow away our pre-conceived ideas and assumptions. Then look at the project from a vantage point where the best decisions can be seen clearly. The following is generally how we go about managing a project and deciding the best course of continued action. Depending on your project size, the different phases can last just a couple of days to several months.

The ultimate purpose of all the phases is to bring you a high return on the investment you are making.

Vision Phase
Researching and analyzing the current status of your marketing, branding, communications and other important key performance indicators.

Without benchmarks to understand how well your organization is performing, creating improved strategies and tactics takes a lot of guesswork. We’ll get to the heart of the matter in this phase. We go through a series of research steps to gauge organizational performance where we utilize an array of tactics. The advantage of taking these steps before embarking on the project is that it provides benchmarks to measure improved performance as our services are implemented over time. Research allows you to measure results using tangible metrics.

Strategic Phase
Crafting a comprehensive project strategy so that we have a structure in place to guide future project decisions.

Based on the research and analysis results from the vision phase, we’ll develop a project strategy to target weak spots and build upon the assets and strengths of your organization. Collaboration is critical to attaining the project's desired results.

Tactical Phase
Developing highly effective project tactics that are inline with the strategy.

Based on the results of the strategy phase, we will go to work to further define how we intend to carryout the project's strategy by developing concrete tactics to support the project's strategy. We’ll develop tactics for you that take advantage of every platform available, as well a utilizes all of ITC's capabilities.

Execution Phase
This is where we put the project's strategy to work, utilizing all of the tactics we developed in the previous phase.

In this phase, we aggressively pursue the fulfillment of the project's goals in a cost-effective manner, while using a combination of online and offline techniques. ITC’s creative and tech experts will execute with passion the project's custom tactics that have been developed. ITC will monitor analytics and solicit feedback and then adjust its strategies to exploit any opportunities.

Analyzation Phase
Regularly measuring and analyzing the work we have done so we can make positive incremental changes to the project.

This phase is ongoing throughout the life of the project. A lot of agencies offer “set it and forget it” solutions, but we don’t operate that way. We rely on our expertise and the information at hand to continuously iterate and improve the project. We deliver regular performance reports on the project detailing its efforts and key performance metrics. These reports also include lessons learned and feedback on how to tweak the project's efforts so that you can get a higher return on your dollars invested.